Thursday, July 24, 2008

We obsessed way too long on paint.  Our colorist wanted Benny Moore, but my darling husband was not sufficiently impressed with the green titer.  We chose Mythic - coverage is sweet, coupled with no VOCs and no toxins.  You can practically eat this stuff in your morning smoothie.

Here's my darling husband against the yummy new green powder room walls.

Here's the dining room in progress.

You probably know already that VOCs or Volatile Organic (not the GOOD organic) Compounds are little nasty beasts that you can smell when someone paints with the toxic stuff.  It might make your eyes tear or cause your throat to be scratchy, or give you a headache or dizziness or perhaps kidney failure or sick building syndrome.  Some VOCs act as greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming.  One estimate is that 10% of the ozone depletion in the US is due to VOCs.  Not good.  We can do better!

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  1. could you specify which paint colors you used in the dining room and living room?