Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eco-Smart Fireplace: So Cool

Came in last week. We love a cozy fire but how to do it and walk the talk? Eco-smart Fire is the way. It's basically a burner like in chem lab but it burns ethanol - renewable, eco and smart.

Then for those of us with wild children, you add a screen....

Or not.

All EcoSmart™ Fires feature a burner as its core flame technique. "While it looks clean and simple, internally the engineering and design is sophisticated and intelligently considered. The EcoSmart™ Burner assembles like a puzzle with a cover that seals and protects the internal mechanics. Its modular design allows varieties of fascias and enables it to slot into place." -- from their website.

Cool part is that it's a flue-less open fire that can be installed just about anywhere! Check it out right here.

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