Thursday, July 3, 2008

Capturing Our Hearts & Rainwater

David bonded recently with newly relocated architect and designer Sally Dominguez and we can't wait to install her Rainwater Hogs for capturing rainwater for our garden. She came up with the design when told it was impossible to fit a water storage tank under her small garden deck, so Sally did the right thing: she designed her own. The Rainwater Hog (2006) is a modular storage tank for collecting rainwater that can then be reused for watering plants, washing the car or whatever you need. “I was surprised to find the urban dweller had been completely overlooked when it comes to tools for water harvesting,” says Dominguez who designed the Rainwater Hog to work as a single unit or in multiples for homeowners, businesses or renters (installation doesn’t have to be permanent). The Hog can be installed vertically against a wall, or horizontally, and it’s specifically sized to fit between structural frames. One unit holds 47 gallons of rainwater collected from a downspout, and if a larger capacity is needed, simply attach another Hog. A percentage of sales will go to the nonprofit Water Aid. Also in keeping with the eco-conscious Hog, is the fact that it ships without packaging. Other than a small box holding an Elbow Vent and Connector taped to the unit, the Hog arrives unwrapped, unboxed and just as you see it pictured. A Leaf Catcher/Outlet Kit must be purchased (sold separately) for the Hog. (Subsequent Hogs can be added without needing extra Leaf Catcher/Outlet Kits.) A Wall-Mounting Kit is also available for vertical installation. Get it here. We're thinking 8+ hogs, vertically mounted along the side of the house.

These tanks have a capacity of 180L/47 Gallons and measure 1800mm x 500mm x 220mm. You can position the rainwaterhog to fit under decks, up against walls and along side passageways.

Here's a few snaps under your deck or mounted horizontally....

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