Monday, June 23, 2008


We had a blast hanging out with Steve Thomas of Renovation Nation, a new show on Discovery Channel. We'll let you know when it airs this September! He is so bright, hilarious and easy on the eyes!

David and I are thrilled that we only have SIX weeks left on our eco-remodel (fingers crossed). Did you see the feature in the NY Times yesterday - "The New Trophy Home, Small & Ecological?" Seems "smallering" (creating a sanctuary green home in a smaller footprint) is getting sexier. We are moving into a 1915 Craftsman with less than 1500 square feet, and this is a big change from our Berkeley Hills home of 2400 square feet. Today our Canyon Construction crew is working on finalizing the kitchen with our Silver Walker no-formaldehyde cabinets and ordering the Syndacrete cabinets. Our crew just finished rehanging all the original fir trim throughout the house. Some of it doesn't look so great around our brand-new double paned windows from Marvin, but we'll cope with that when Paint Man comes next week.

David's new home office, above.

Back of the house, before the French Doors and new windows.

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