Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Foxy Eco Lighting: Elusive

I love 3-form. Wish I could fill our whole house and my office with it. David and I went to Light Fair in Vegas last month, and I was thrilled to find 3-form in lighting. Above are some 3-form samples, and below, some super-green sconces, made by WPT Design and showcased by City Lights in San Francisco. Made of 3-form's eco-resin -- which is Spectra co-polyester loaded with recycled content. Just wish they had more of the fabulous 3-form designs available. But these are enough for our tiny bungalow!

We want the Honey Capiz (below) in our mudroom.

And Thatch in our hallway.

Here are more 3-form in various applications. You can order 12x12 inch samples and you DIYsters can make your own scrumptious sconce!

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