Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sim Van der Ryn Visit

Sim Van der Ryn is a pioneer of green architecture, prolific writer, visionary, and rock star of "sustainable architecture." He's authored seven books. Sim's Inverness home is extraordinarily beautiful, deep green with inspired design, and I thought I'd post a few snaps of it here.

Above is his gorgeous front door, to the anteroom (top photo and below) that connects many parts of his evolving home. It was painted by Tibetan monks in colors that make you happy.

Lots of queer little artifacts such as this one below in the window facing Inverness Ridge.

Beautiful staircase to his bedroom. The wood is all reclaimed.

Below are a few shots of an awesome redwood root, twirled and turned as an arch on Sim's grounds.

Maya, age 4, is in there for perspective.

I love the sleeping nook (above) and the old bench (below, with pond implements).

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