Friday, August 15, 2008

Lovin' the Recycled Wood

We got ourselves some front steps, finally.  They are recycled from the Old Sacramento Bridge and are just gorgeous.  I know, the iPhone photo doesn't do them justice. David got so excited when our crew found old lead bullets in the planks. Feels like we're channeling Eric and Amy down at the Wooden Duck in Berkeley with their zany stories of where their wood originated.

That's Maya standing next to our reclaimed fir front door from Liberty Valley.  No bullets.

Did you notice that our move in date came and went? We are rescheduled to move on Aug 21.

Today we met Doris, the woman who sold her house to us.  Her parents bought the house in 1940 from the Davis family, whom we think owned it from 1915 until 1940.  We are hoping to visit her again and get more of the history on the house.

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