Sunday, March 29, 2009

All I Want to Do is Garden

Our yard is filling in, albeit slowly. 

Discovering lots of inspiration from others. Love Vanessa Kuemmerle's work especially her Ocean Ave garden with the use of Balinese doors for an entry (above). 

You've probably seen Flora Grubb's gorgeous work - she's the IT Garden Girl. She landscaped the Bardessono Hotel, a new LEED-Platinum hotel in Yountville, with a fab Tillandsia and succulent vertical garden. Even the New York Times had nice things to say. My mom and I had such a swell field trip to Flora's garden last month.

What I'd really like to do today is hang out in Marcia Donahue's paradise, which she opens to the public most Sundays, 1-5pm. She's in Berkeley at 3017 Wheeler St. Instead, I will go to the zoo with DH and the kids, and then my daughter's piano recital....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Met Home: Greenest Little House in America

We are delighted to be featured in Metropolitan's Home green April 2009 issue! We met Michael Millman, a local photographer who grew up a few blocks from us here in Rockridge last Christmas holiday, barely catching a few rays of sun for the outdoor shots.

Below is our kitchen with paintings by Claire B. Cotts, counters by Syndacrete, and FSC-cabinets by Silverwalker.

Michael climbed up our neighbor's home to show the PV panels. David was thrilled.

Our back deck before the landscaping. David loves his outdoor shower.  Just bought a table and chairs for our "gathering circle" yesterday at The Wooden Duck in Berkeley, which features reclaimed wood furniture. Our dining room furniture, dressers, bookcases are from there too.

David's home office, the LifePod with a view of the Rainhog.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eco-Bling Mulch

It's been a while since I last posted. My integrative medicine practice has been busy growing to include three new doctors. Now I'm back to greening my life again and especially interested in our garden.

Mulch. It's the poor relation to the hip, trendy low-water plants. The illegitimate child of the brilliant hardscape. But now it's time for mulch to get its proper due.

I was thumbing through this month's Garden Design over my oatmeal this morning, thinking about how to mulch one very shady part of our yard in Rockridge। I've been tremendously inspired by Marcia Donahue's work nearby and I'm wondering how to acquire vintage bowling balls and enormous ampersands as I don't see many cool ones on Ebay. Marcia, help!? Here's some snaps from her extraordinary art garden here in Berkeley.

Then I was thinking beach glass when I happened upon an ad for American Specialty Glass products, which are 100% recycled and tumbled to remove all sharp edges. They're based in Utah and members of the organization my husband founded, the US Green Building Council. So, we like them already.

Check out the options.

Their website looks as homegrown as mine but they have a few very cool installations. Here's one from the "Mineral Spirits Garden." I don't see more details on their website.

Looks like they've mostly done commercial applications but that's how it's been with green building. Time for more applications in private residences.

Help me decide between these options which are to go against a redish/brown FSC-redwood fence. I like the jewel tones best.

But what's not to love about purple and amber?

Please vote!